Architect's Master Class

The Architect’s Master Class


While many developers and managers have a clear idea regarding the characteristics, practices, and corresponding set of responsibilities of their roles, the picture is often vague when it comes to software architects. What is the single most important task facing the software architect? What is the division of labor and responsibilities between the architect and the project manager? How much the architecture should be tied in to the particulars of the underlying technology used, or for that matter, for the specifics of the business? Where is the hand-off point between the architect and the developers? What are the necessary skills and analysis tools employed by an architect? How do you validate the design before construction begins? How do methodologies such as service-orientation affect the design and development process? What are software architecture's best practices, guidelines and pitfalls? How do you go about designing world-class systems? How do you make the transition from abstract design patterns and concepts to concrete development decisions? How does the architect decompose the system into its subsystems and modules?

IDesign's flagship offering, the Architect’s Master Class, is the ultimate resource for the professional architect.

The class answers the above questions and more, by teaching the architect how to take an active leadership role in process, design, and technology. You will learn how to lead your team through the use of effective software processes, how to best leverage service-orientation, how to prepare your team and system for the next methodology and technology wave of actors, and how to apply the IDesign Method.

This five days training class is conducted by a Master Architect who shares his vast experience and perspective with the students, imparting both knowledge and insight, ensuring your success as a modern software architect. The IDesign Master architect will provide the common foundation required by software architects, both technical and soft skills. The class sets the focus on the "why" and the rationale behind particular design decisions, often shedding light on poorly understood aspects.

Noteworthy is that this class is called the Architect’s Master Class (as opposed to the Architecture Master Class) because it focuses on the person behind the role, on the skills and techniques practiced by architects. The class presents the core body of knowledge required of today’s modern software architects, knowledge that transcends mere design patterns and architecture. The core body of knowledge comprises of three elements: development process, technology, and finally analysis & design. The class shows the architect how to take an active leadership role on all three aspects, as a continuum, since in order to deliver high-quality, affordable solutions, one cannot separate process from design from technology – all three have to work in concert. The class also points out classic mistakes and risk mitigations across the process, technology and design.

The first part of the class is devoted to the accompanying microservice-oriented development process and the required project design skills. You will see how the development process itself needs to be modular, accommodating the complexity of the microservices as a system. The class shows how the various team members – the architect, the project manager and the developers – should work in concert, and their respective tasks and responsibilities.

The second part starts with an analysis of today's key design methodology and services contract factoring, showing how to design reusable services. The IDesign architect will next explain the IDesign original approach to system analysis and design called the IDesign Method - a battle-proven approach to software architecture providing a significant reduction in the effort and time required for architecting, designing, and implementing software solutions. The IDesign Method distils the IDesign's accumulative lessons learned over more than two decades of architecting systems across numerous projects, industries, countries, and teams. The IDesign Method has three elements: it is a method for decomposing a system into modules or services based on volatility, the IDesign Method offers a set of simple design guidelines how to structure the system, and a way to validate the design, to know it can handle any requirements, present and future, known and unknown. You will learn what motivated IDesign to lead the industry in calling for microservices more than a decade ago and what is coming next.

The class concludes with a detailed projection of the next generation of development platforms, both from a technology and methodology standpoint, and how to best prepare for them.

In the class you will also receive the IDesign documents and diagram templates, tools and samples, and reference projects.

Don’t miss on this unique opportunity to learn and improve your architecture skills with IDesign, and share our passion for architecture and software engineering, gain from our experience of numerous projects and profound insight on architecture, process, methodology and their applications.

Target Audience

Any architect, project lead or senior developer would benefit greatly from the class.


5 intense days.


The Architect

  • Software development as engineering
  • Types of architects
  • The role of the architect
  • Architects and technology
  • Architects and the business

Microservices Development Process

  • Design granularity effect on the project
  • The design and the team
  • Project design
  • Documentation
  • Composable design
  • Quality control
  • Design for performance
  • Services simulation and emulation
  • Peer reviews
  • Development and design standards
  • Metrics collection
  • Management visibility

Introduction to Service-Orientation

  • Why service orientation
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Service-oriented applications

Service Contract Design and Factoring

  • Service contract design
  • Contract factoring techniques
  • Contract metrics

Design and Architecture

  • The IDesign Method
  • Classic mistakes
  • Volatility-Based decomposition
  • Universal design principles
  • The architect’s challenge
  • Axes of volatility
  • Design sample
  • Volatility and the business
  • Open and closed architecture
  • Structure with clients, managers, engines, resource access and utilities
  • Design validation
  • Containing changes
  • Design Don’ts

Service Granularity

  • Every class as a service?
  • Performance consideration and perspective
  • Benchmarks
  • The future platform

The Actor Model

  • Past and future of software engineering
  • Moore's Law demise
  • Mesh computing
  • What are actors
  • Actors market drivers
  • Messaging design patterns
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Actors misconceptions

Agile and Design

  • Agile in the wild
  • Skills and Agile development
  • Design as key to agility
  • Agile as assembly process
  • Agile and lean manufacturing
  • Compressing agile projects


  • What about Monday
  • The pitfall of Groupthink
  • Architect as agent of change
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The Architects Master Class would is light years ahead of the industry in terms of content and the sheer volume of knowledge the IDesign team presented. It’s a unique experience to be able to see the world through the eyes of world class architects, learn their techniques and way of thinking.

Stuart Snaddon
Software Engineer
United Kingdom

IDesign’s Architect’s class is far and away the best training class I have ever taken. It transcends technological trends and gives you practical knowledge that will be useful for almost any platform and for the rest of your career. Easily the best thing I've spent my money on in quite a while.

Geoff Heeren
Lead Architect

The Architect’s Master Class rigorous approach to software design and development will enable you to engage in software architecture as an engineering discipline. I can see how my past failures could have been prevented if I had applied the IDesign method. My understanding of what the software architect is actually supposed to do has been clarified and reshaped by the class. The IDesign Architect’s Master Class is an essential part of any software architect’s training. You should not in good conscience call yourself a software architect if you don’t posses the skills and techniques presented in the class.

Russ Ferrill
Software Engineer
Vendor Safe Technologies

Attending the Architect Master Class by Juval Lowy was simply the most rewarding professional experience of my career. The material was a world class combination of methodology, process, and technology that no one else in the industry is teaching. Juval’s extensive experience and knowledge base allowed him to present the material in a historical context that changed my perspective on current technologies in ways I did not previously think possible. I also thoroughly enjoyed Juval’s witty presentation style which kept me on my toes and, more importantly for such an intense class, kept my attention firmly focused. I now feel more prepared than ever to take my career to new heights and continue to build upon my newfound knowledge. I would recommend this class to any serious Architect looking for that elusive next level of enlightenment. Thank you Juval!

Joe Crabtree
Solutions Architect

It has to be the most influential and profound course I have ever undertaken; it has given me a depth and breadth of knowledge that was unbelievable.

Robert Dyball
WorkCover NSW

The Architect’s Master course was the single most relevant and useful professional training I’ve ever attended. Juval brings his deep experience and Zen master-like wisdom to the class and makes it easy to apply the lessons to real world scenarios. If you are lucky enough to attend, you will emerge from the class, a lean, mean, service-oriented machine.

David Carrico
System Architect

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience to us and it was the best technical class I have ever attended. You have provided answers to many of the lingering questions I used to have and that too without me asking all these questions, again it was wonderful and enchanting class.

Manoj Garg
FIS Global

I just wanted to thank IDesign for the class. I used things it taught me immediately in my work and found the ideas presented to be quite excellent. I would even say those that gave testimonials were not blowing smoke on this whatsoever. If anything they are underselling it. I started architecting my current system based on your methods, and am finding it to be a really intelligent way to go about my work. Juval, everything you said is coming out in spades. I feel I can handle pretty much anything that is thrown at me and I will create a great system for my company. Thanks again for the class and the ideas presented.

Steve Portock
Software Architect
St. Louis, Missouri

IDesign has a unique way of presenting the design alternatives and narrowing them down to the best practices. The Architect's Master Class will teach you everything you need to know about architecting and building service-oriented applications. Not only will you walk away with a great learning experience, you will also have a host of tools and examples that you can put to work in your applications right away. This alone saved us months of development time and effort.

Michael Marchiondo
Spectrum Technology Consultants
Columbus, OH

The incredible amount of experience and knowledge presented during the Architect’s Master class, in a few unbelievable days, has completely changed the way I think about software architecture. One of the main takeaways is the IDesign Method which is simple and effective way of designing systems. The method is so clear, simple and to the point that it can be implemented into our existing or future projects immediately, improving project schedules and increasing quality.

Camilo Orozco
Bioinformatics Programmer

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Architect’s Master Class. I have had a somewhat chequered career and for the last ten years or so have been in IT. During that time, I have attended more lectures, training courses and conferences than I care to count, but never have I walked out of any them as affected as last week left me. The course was entertaining, enormously thought provoking and yet, still managed to walk that fine line between theoretical and practical content. More importantly, it reignited my enthusiasm for the industry and my role in it. In addition, I will be seriously adopting the IDesign process for a project that we are just commencing. It is also the case that the knowledge that you divulged during the course will form part of our core architectural direction over the coming few years; in particular, your ‘every class as a service’ approach has ignited a great deal of curiosity and excitement amongst our senior developers!
Thanks Again,

Malcolm Young
General Manager, Architecture and Technology
F1 Solutions

The IDesign Architect’s Master class was first rate. I never thought it was possible to learn so much in a few days, and my only regret is that the class was not longer. Juval’s clarity of thinking, precise examples, and anecdotal information has enabled me to start thinking more like a software architect. I highly recommended for anyone contemplating an architecture career or needing to work closely with architects.

Blair Shaw
Senior Consultant
Microsoft Partner Services
Redmond, Washington

The IDesign Architect's Master Class is a true awakening. Juval spoke candidly about our software development crisis and presented his insight and solutions. His incredible knowledge of the software development history and methodical analysis of its evolution and future enlighten and inspire me. I am eager to apply the IDesign Method in our future projects along with the IDesign effective software development process using the templates for project management, top-level design, and share these techniques with management and fellow developers at Circle K.

Chao-Sha Huang
Senior Software Engineer
Circle K Stores

The Architect's Master Class was a mind blower. Juval was on fire. By the end of the week he had led the discussion beyond skills and techniques to address the larger concerns of professional and personal responsibility, which was truly inspirational. (And daunting. He sets the bar so high.)

Steve Taylor
Technical Lead
HEA Consulting

Software architecture is engineering. Design and development of software systems must be done using a methodology that demystifies the process, reigns in technology and complexity and enables the teams’ productivity. The Architect’s Masters Class targets precisely these goals. The curriculum is built from Juval’s amazing in-depth understanding of architecture and original analysis techniques along with years of actual experience. All elements give architects the skills to deliver successfully on quality, on schedule, on budget, on features, for now and as the system evolve. I consider this the graduate class for real world Architects charged with providing solutions to real world businesses.

Joshua Dees
Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.

For anyone who has ever wondered if there is a better way of creating software, the Architect’s Master Class is nothing short of a revelation. Juval Löwy systematically demolishes (seemingly) all conventional-wisdom of software best-practice with precision, contextual honesty and reasoned argument; by the end of the first day you can already feel your consciousness being raised to a level you never knew existed. At the same time, he deconstructs each of his original teaching modules with crystal-clarity, coupled with the wit and good-humour of a master raconteur. As such, your attention is held with relentless focus for five gruelling days, during which Juval takes it upon himself to instil in you his vast experience as a world-class engineer. Microsoft recognizes him as a ‘Software Legend’, but to anyone who wants to be the best they can be, he is simply the Maestro.

Dr Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey
Senior Programmer Analyst
London, UK

Simply put, the IDesign alumni that referred me to the Architect's Master Class described it as "career-altering," and he is not one for hyperbole. The class was the finest 5-day training I have been to in the last 10 years. Most classes focus only on technology, and by the end of day 5 you want to poke your eyes out with your laptop. The Architect's Master Class on the other hand, I could've done for another week. In fact, I will be back for your clinic next March. I have the benefit of having excellent sponsors that fully support my professional development, and that of my team. When I told them about the class and the clinic, they said "go!"

Ted Assur
IT Solutions Architect
Providence Health & Services

I wanted to thank you for a (professional) life changing week. Usually I can't sit at class more than 50% of the time - it is boring and they don't teach me anything I couldn't teach myself or already know. In the Architect's Master Class I set for 9 hours a day and couldn't have enough of it: I learned what are my responsibilities as an architect (I thought the architect is only the software designer), the engineering aspect of software, the importance of delivering not only on time but also on budget and on quality, not to wait to "grow" to be an architect but to manage my career, and how to quantify and measure what I previously considered as hunches. I have much more insight from this week and many pieces are in place now. I can't wait to attend the Architecture Clinic and the other Master Classes.

Itai Zolberg
Software Architect
Tel Aviv, Israel

I want to thank you again for the Architect's Master Class. You took me apart and put me back together again. I have known for years that the best way to do class design is to encapsulate what will change--that's what design patterns are all about. And yet it has eluded me for so long that this same concept is to be applied to architecture. It is so simple, so elegant, and was right under my nose for all of this time. I have been looking through the IDesign Alumni forum and it is an absolute gold mine, a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Access to this alone is well worth the cost of the class. Taking the Architect's Master Class has been one of the few defining inflection points in my career. I have been searching for this material for years and have come up empty handed so many times. Thank you for putting this material together, for teaching it and for pushing our profession (and passion) towards a legitimate engineering discipline. I look forward to hearing from you on the forums and in upcoming clinics.

Cris Zamora
Senior Architect and Project Lead
Salt Lake City, UT

It is difficult with a short testimonial to capture what a pleasure the Architect’s Master Class was. My appreciation and applause. I have been in the technology business for 30+ years, with the last 15 as an Enterprise architect. I have had the opportunity to be in about every position in a technical organization, from a simple code monkey to a support call associate all the way to the Chief Technical Officer of a couple of companies. I attended many, many classes and seminars on a plethora of topics. So when I say the following, I know from whence I speak. I have never had the pleasure to attend a training class or seminar so completely packed with valuable, insightful information. I have had more than a few classes where I simply walked out and went home because it was simply a rehash of things we all already know, the topic or the presenter never lived up to the promises they made, or I simply couldn’t justify the time away from the office any longer just to get the reheated, pre-packaged information. Your outline promised an advance in my skills that I was simply unable to believe and I was obviously skeptical. Needless to say you delivered on that promise. I have felt stagnant in my position for a long time due to the dearth of fresh, new practical ideas in architecture and design. After the class, I have a feeling of hope that the discipline is neither dead nor dying and, that to the contrary, architecture and design is actually becoming something I can be excited about again. I cannot tell you how enthusiastic I am to find myself in the office again on Monday. This class has been the single best investment I have ever made in training and skills advancement. It far exceeds any class I have had in the past or I am likely to in the future (unless it is with you again).

Michael Emmerson
Chief Architect
ADP Dealer services

Getting to where I could practice being a software architect has actually been a much bigger problem over the years than the act of trying to decide on how to structure the software or apply this framework or that one. In one fell (week long) swoop, Juval's Architect Master Class has propelled my understanding forward by years, probably decades. Still, I have spent years thinking about every single topic he touched on. But I was thinking about these things in a toxic environment where people don't just do the wrong thing, they do the opposite of the right thing. I was not able to organize the material in a way that allowed me to get above zero and leverage my knowledge. All I had done was make myself an outsider. Now I have a new place to go. I now see how I can go from being the outsider to being the leader, from being the one seen as the complainer whining that "we can do better," to being the one that has the direction - the plan. Just having a better understanding of software and best practices is not enough. You need a context that allows you to understand business people and software development process in a way that you can apply the kung fu needed to even be allowed to play the game. This *is* the hunger games and just being good with a bow is not enough. You need to act in a way that convinces those trying to kill you that it's better to act together and win as a team. Juval has help me start that journey only this time I know a bit of kung fu.

Scott Hurlbert
Software Architect
San Francisco

I attended both the Architect's Master Class and the Project Design Master Class. I waited with my testimonial till I had both under my belt. Before these two classes I had almost lost all hope of ever being able to figure out why the efforts of my team were never leading to a successful end and was struggling to find a working solution to stop the insane death march which we are on. Attending the Architect and the Project Design Master Classes opened my eyes to a world where the software development is elevated to the level of all other engineering disciplines and is conducted in a professional, predictable and reliable manner which results in a high-quality working software developed on time and within budget. The knowledge gained during these 2 weeks is priceless! From revealing the secrets on how to create a solid and sound system architecture which withstands the challenges of the ever-changing user requirements to the intricate details on how to plan and guide the project to a successful end - all this was presented with expertise and professionalism which are hard to match. Considering that every bit of distilled truth which Juval shared with us in class is acquired, tested and proven in real life, it transforms this learning experience into a powerful body of knowledge which is of absolute necessity for everyone who aspires to the Software Architect or Project Manager career.

Rossen Totev
Software Architect/Project Lead

I would just like to update you on the massive success we are having, after placing myself and two other regional architects on the Architect's Master Class. We are now practicing the Method on some highly complex software applications, and have developed a solid methodology around it. At first the developers were very skeptical, about this new approach. Today developers are asking why they have not done this before, so I have a complete turn-around in attitude and adoption. It is great to see my development team so happy, and so enthusiastic about all the new things. I am seeing them growing and becoming more productive. Nothing makes me happier. The bottom line is, is that the first integration points are starting to roll out, making the business very happy. We are starting to see how easy it is to measure progress, and to plan and predict, when the architecture is at the center of the universe. EVEN IF the architecture is not 100% it is still 100% better than without it, as all stakeholders consume the integration path and can monitor where we are. Please forward on to Juval, I would love him to know what a positive impact his life is having on others.

Shaun Kiesewetter
Chief Architect
South Africa

This class was enlightening beyond my expectations – and this is even after prior experience with IDesign. Juval has orders of magnitude more relevant experience across the industry than nearly anyone else, and it shows in his approach to teaching all the skills and techniques an architect must possess and master.

Todd Gleason
Software Architect

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