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IDesign’s Master Classes are usually 5 days of hands-on training, and are the world’s most intensive, most comprehensive technical leadership training classes. There is simply no substitute for being trained by the world's leading experts in the subject, and the IDesign architects offer a profound insight on the technology, the design, and the team. The material presented goes well beyond anything that you can find using conventional training sources often presenting IDesign's original techniques and breakthroughs. In addition to the frontal presentations, the classes use lab exercise and numerous conceptual demos and original tools and utilities. The demos are useful not only in training but afterwards, serving as a starting point for new projects, and as a rich reference and resource for samples.

We offer the following Master Classes:

After attending either one of the training classes, you will be not just a technology expert, but also a better software engineer. Click here for past student testimonials.

We conduct the Master training class all over the world, both on-site and as a public event. For an on-site, we allow the customer to customize the content and the duration of the classes. We can deliver the ‘standard’ 5 day class, 4-5 day class, or just 2 or 3 day subsets of the classes, customized to emphasize the topics most relevant to your development needs.

A unique post-class benefit of attending the IDesign Master Classes is the IDesign Alumni forum - a by-invitation-only forum where you can discuss with other IDesign alumni your experiences with practicing our techniques, share observation and insights, and ask pertinent questions about our methodology and the technologies we use. The Alumni forum will provide you with the insider feedback that is so hard to come by using public resources. The members of the forum are all world-class developers, architects, and project leads, and the discussion amongst this group is profound, insightful, and of the highest quality.

For an on-site class, click here for additional information.


The IDesign clinics are highly effective approach for practicing our techniques and ideas.

The clinics combine the best of both our approaches for addressing customers need, manifested as a true cross between consulting and classroom type training. While the clinics contain some formal training (to avoid a dependency on one of the Master Classes), the bulk to the week is devoted to working on systems provided by students in the class, not pre-caned labs. The clinics allow us to go into techniques and practical details at a fine level that is simply impractical in the already intense Master Classes.

While the clinics teach the IDesign approach and our thought process, sharing our best practices, pitfalls, tips and guidelines, they go beyond technical matters. All clinics place considerable emphasize on soft skills such as interviewing customers, presetting at a design review, selling your ideas to top management using their language, and collaborating successfully with your peers. In addition, all clinics produce concrete deliverables for the selected systems, such as system architecture, project design, user experience, or cloud deployment and architecture, depending on the nature of the specific clinic.

We designed the clinics to accelerate the learning process, literally compress some 15 years of experience into a single week. During the clinic the students are divided into small teams, each working on the design of the solution. The teams then present their solution to the class, and the IDesign Master Architect also presents the school solution. By critiquing some 3-5 solutions for the same problem (as well as the school solution) you gain immense insight into the making of a world-class design approach, something that might take you years to derive on your own.

There is no denying it: with any knowledge intensive domain there is nothing like improving your skills with a true master of the craft who can instantly recognize your stumbling blocks, what you are doing wrong and how to improve on it. The clinics are such a unique opportunity of spending quality time with IDesign, as well as a forum for focused high-caliber discussions and mentorship. Our customers refer to the clinics as the best way there is of training architects.

We offer the following Clinics:

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Below is our world-wide public classes calendar for the upcoming months.

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The Architects Master Class would is light years ahead of the industry in terms of content and the sheer volume of knowledge the IDesign team presented. It’s a unique experience to be able to see the world through the eyes of world class architects, learn their techniques and way of thinking.

Stuart Snaddon
Software Engineer
United Kingdom

The Architect’s Master Class rigorous approach to software design and development will enable you to engage in software architecture as an engineering discipline. I can see how my past failures could have been prevented if I had applied the IDesign method. My understanding of what the software architect is actually supposed to do has been clarified and reshaped by the class. The IDesign Architect’s Master Class is an essential part of any software architect’s training. You should not in good conscience call yourself a software architect if you don’t posses the skills and techniques presented in the class.

Russ Ferrill
Software Engineer
Vendor Safe Technologies

IDesign’s Architect’s class is far and away the best training class I have ever taken. It transcends technological trends and gives you practical knowledge that will be useful for almost any platform and for the rest of your career. Easily the best thing I've spent my money on in quite a while.

Geoff Heeren
Lead Architect

Software architecture is engineering. Design and development of software systems must be done using a methodology that demystifies the process, reigns in technology and complexity and enables the teams’ productivity. The Architect’s Masters Class targets precisely these goals. The curriculum is built from Juval’s amazing in-depth understanding of architecture and original analysis techniques along with years of actual experience. All elements give architects the skills to deliver successfully on quality, on schedule, on budget, on features, for now and as the system evolve. I consider this the graduate class for real world Architects charged with providing solutions to real world businesses.

Joshua Dees
Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.

Attending the Architect Master Class by Juval Lowy was simply the most rewarding professional experience of my career. The material was a world class combination of methodology, process, and technology that no one else in the industry is teaching. Juval’s extensive experience and knowledge base allowed him to present the material in a historical context that changed my perspective on current technologies in ways I did not previously think possible. I also thoroughly enjoyed Juval’s witty presentation style which kept me on my toes and, more importantly for such an intense class, kept my attention firmly focused. I now feel more prepared than ever to take my career to new heights and continue to build upon my newfound knowledge. I would recommend this class to any serious Architect looking for that elusive next level of enlightenment. Thank you Juval!

Joe Crabtree
Solutions Architect

Wanted to thank you for the highly impressive Architect’s Master Class.
I have never walked out of any training, whatsoever, so stunned as walking out of this. It has the exact mixture of practical and theoretical content. My only regret is that it didn't last longer :)
I have already started talking with our project managers and architects about process leadership and the role of an architect.

Thanks Again,

Ally Pearl *
SharePoint Consultant

Simply put, the IDesign alumni that referred me to the Architect's Master Class described it as "career-altering," and he is not one for hyperbole. The class was the finest 5-day training I have been to in the last 10 years. Most classes focus only on technology, and by the end of day 5 you want to poke your eyes out with your laptop. The Architect's Master Class on the other hand, I could've done for another week. In fact, I will be back for your clinic next March. I have the benefit of having excellent sponsors that fully support my professional development, and that of my team. When I told them about the class and the clinic, they said "go!"

Ted Assur
IT Solutions Architect
Providence Health & Services

I want to thank you again for the Architect's Master Class. You took me apart and put me back together again. I have known for years that the best way to do class design is to encapsulate what will change--that's what design patterns are all about. And yet it has eluded me for so long that this same concept is to be applied to architecture. It is so simple, so elegant, and was right under my nose for all of this time. I have been looking through the IDesign Alumni forum and it is an absolute gold mine, a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Access to this alone is well worth the cost of the class. Taking the Architect's Master Class has been one of the few defining inflection points in my career. I have been searching for this material for years and have come up empty handed so many times. Thank you for putting this material together, for teaching it and for pushing our profession (and passion) towards a legitimate engineering discipline. I look forward to hearing from you on the forums and in upcoming clinics.

Cris Zamora
Senior Architect and Project Lead
Salt Lake City, UT

There are moments in life that stake claims to permanent spaces in our minds. Some are universally relatable; marriage, graduation, the birth of a child. Sometimes though these are uniquely personal, moments that can only be described as epiphanies. For me, a number of these moments were instigated by Juval’s no-nonsense, no excuses approach to Software Architecture. Awakenings like this don’t take place in some classroom, being led through scripted labs by a questionably-qualified instructor who fails to answer any question whose answer can’t be gleamed from the course materials or found by consulting Google. Your brain has to be stimulated and engaged enough to force this kind of introspection, and that’s what the Clinic delivers. I cannot begin to express how career-changing a course like this can be when it is led by a true master of the craft. The Clinic didn’t merely teach me new things, it taught me new ways to think about things I already knew and also to revisit things I thought I already knew. If you haven’t attended the Clinic, do it. If you’ve already attended the Clinic, send your team. You will produce software leaps and bounds ahead of your best prior to the Clinic.

Brian Friedman
Lead Software Engineer
Washington DC

The Project Design Master Class is life-changing event. The class didn’t just teach modern project design; it has given me tremendous energy to take my career to a whole new level. I wish I had an opportunity to learn the project design techniques from Juval long time back. The knowledge I gained in those 5 days were immense and I don’t think I could obtain that much knowledge by reading textbooks or even by doing a PhD! I really enjoyed the mini clinic that was the class finale. It provided me an opportunity to realize that given the right set of tools and training (of course from IDesign!), project design and the follow up project management will be very easy! Thank you Juval, you are truly a legend and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Deepa Balasundaram
Application Development Coordinator
Central Rural Electric Cooperative

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