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IDesign focuses on architecture excellence and professional development for architects, senior developers and project managers. Our Architecture Consulting engagements are short, dedicated, effective and very intense, capturing in a structured engineered way the various design aspects of the system. We review the product requirements and architecture, and work with the lead developer or architect on a vertical slice implementation of the architecture.

IDesign's Virtual Architects provide you with remote access to a world-class architect to augment your existing staff. Our architect will work part or full time on your system, becoming intimately familiar with your project and its requirements.

Our Project Design service is unique in the industry, and can only be described as critical to success. Much as the need to design the system, you must also design the project: from scheduling resources behind the services, to tracking your progress across developers, services and phases of completion, to validating your plan, and accommodating changes. Addressing these challenges is a hard-core engineering task – designing the project. IDesign will help your project manager and architect produce not one project plan, but several plans representing different project design options. Each option is a structured, comprehensive and objective combination of schedule, cost, and risk. It is then up to the project manager and the architect to present these options to management and to recommend the best project design option.

Sadly, the result of not investing enough in architectrue or project design is often the need to recover a propject. Simply put, Software Project Recovery is a rescue effort to save the project, setting the project again on credible schedule budget and quality. Project recovery is a limited period of time of strong intervention and decisive actions to deliver on a new date and scope, to restore trust and avoid the crisis recurrence in the future. Over the years we gain critical experience in leading successful project recovery efforts rescuing projects in distress.

The Cloud Migration service we provide enables an understanding of the Cloud platform, its capabilities and limitations, and how to architect and design solutions that best leverage it. We work with your organization to create a solution that not only allows you to plan the computational, data, networking, and security aspects, but also explore new business models and understand the new and evolved roles of people in your organizational.

Our Keynote Address service offer perspective and insight by internationally recognized speakers that can light up your event. The keynote is sure to entice and provoke your audience, often motivating them into rethinking many aspects of their projects and tasks.

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