Architect's Master Class

Cloud Migration

We live in a rapidly evolving world, and the next revolution, one on the scale of Personal Computing and the Internet is upon us: Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is rapidly making its way to the mainstream, changing the way we think about architecting, creating, deploying, and maintaining applications.

IDesign will help you first understand the conceptual models of this new platform, its capabilities and limitations, and how to architect and design solutions that best leverage it.These aspects go well beyond the (relatively easy) technology itself.

We will work both with the top management and with the IT department to explore:

  • How cloud applications are different than what your business has been doing so far
  • The types of applications you can build for the cloud, the design patterns to use and the design constraints you’ll be facing
  • How to deal with your data in the cloud
  • Connectivity options and how to leverage the AppFabric Service Bus
  • What is the best security and identity management model for your users
  • The impact on the development process
  • And much more

From this position of knowledge about your business, IDesign will outline a detailed migration strategy for your new cloud application or perhaps the hybrid application, including the updated roles and responsibilities of the various people in the organization as you transition to the cloud, down to the business aspects of cloud computing, and other important aspects of venturing into this new world.

IDesign not only packs into the migration plan practical design guidance, we also employ a cost-oriented approach that can ensure the maximization of your Cloud investment.

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