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IDesign system design (architecture) engagements are short, dedicated, effective and very intense. Using the IDesign Method for system design, we will identify the areas of volatilities and encapsulate those in components of the architecture. These include the clients, managers, engines, resource access, and utilities. The result is the smallest set of building blocks that developers can put together to support all requirements. This explicitly means all requirements: present and future, known and unknown requirements. We will then validate this design against the core set of use cases to ensure the architecture can indeed handle all requirements.

We complement the architecture with vertical slice of the proposed system design. A vertical slice is a stubbed-out implementation of one or two services in each architecture segment or layer. The vertical slice is the best way to proof the architecture and to ensure the customer understands it and can take it from there. The vertical slice represents most if not all of the ‘plumbing’ issues that are the Achilles’ heel of most applications, where developers spend the bulk of the effort, both in initial development time and in long-term maintenance. We also stress-test the vertical slice to ensure that there is nothing in the architecture that will preclude meeting your performance, scalability, throughput, availability, or responsiveness goals. Having the design done and prototyped in a few days is a huge productivity and quality boost, as well as overall upfront risk reduction.

We have successfully applied our architecture method at companies large and small, from the Fortune 100 to the startup.

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The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California embarked on a complex migrating of the old mainframe systems to the new .NET technologies. Our business analysts already spent thousands of hours working on business modeling and requirements. Is it even humanly possible to understand all of them and to generalize them enough to create common architectural patterns? The answer is “YES”. In the first two days IDesign worked primarily with Business Analysts. By the end of the second day they were able to identify major patterns of the system and started working with our engineers on static diagrams. By the third day we were into the system architecture. The fourth and fifth days were intense as they get writing a lot of code and verifying different architecture options for the subsystems. We covered miles of space including architecture, technologies, process boundaries and distributed transactions, authentication and authorization and security mechanisms, smart clients, web clients, multithreading, queued services, dynamic factory interfaces, and the list goes on. We asked thousands of questions. The session turned out to be an incredible experience. It was like learning to play chess by the Champion of the World. If you start on a complex project speak to the IDesign architects first. You will get an immense value from their insight as well replace classic mistakes of large system design with best practices.

Alan Tatourian
Software Engineer
Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California
San Francisco, California

Our company was developing a very large service-oriented, WCF-based distributed banking management application. The week spent with IDesign was a very valuable experience for our team. In an intense and focused engagement we managed to tackle the important issues for our project, to leverage the new Microsoft technologies and to apply a number of architectural patterns to our concrete requirements. The amount of knowledge and insight we gained during this week is something we are going to remember for the rest of our professional careers.

Aleksandar Milošević
Product Line Manager
Beograd, Serbia and Montenegro

Through IDesign’s mentorship and specifically that of Juval Lowy, I was armed with an elaborate arsenal of resources, tools and techniques that have added a tremendous value to the quality and sophistication of my work. My professional and career development, both in management and technical proficiency has SKYROCKETED in the last year since I began to follow the principles of the IDesign Method and adhering to the tenets of service-oriented development. I have ushered my career- and that of those I lead- beyond mere craftsmanship and into software engineering. To this end, IDesign’s abounding influence in this disciple does not stop in the classroom. Regularly published articles, interviews, books, lectures and countless resources generously offered through the IDesign website continue to empower the enlightened and help to maintain a razor sharp heartbeat on relevant technique; pacing them significantly ahead of the pack.

Rick G. Garibay
Lead, Distributed Application Technologies
DriveTime Sales & Finance Company
Phoenix, AZ

IDesign’s week long Architectural Consulting engagement was an incredibly productive exercise for my company. From a business stand point, the process gave our architecture an enormous leap forward. We, literally, could have spent years learning from trial and error how to properly put together a large WCF-based system. Instead we spent a week being guided by IDesign, the experts in the field. That kind of opportunity is priceless for any company.

Geoff Heeren
Software Engineer
Walnut Creek, California

The Actuarials Exchange was attempting to build a smart client trading application. We had gone through many iterations of connecting the distributed clients to the server but we were not getting appropriate results or achieving any service levels. We got Juval and the IDesign team involved. Within two hours Juval was able to locate the defect with our current solution. Within two days, he recommended both a tactical and strategic solution for client connectivity and he also identified other potential problem areas. Together we began the implementation of the tactical solution. We have now completely implemented the solution and everything is working satisfactorily with all service levels being met. I firmly believe that we would not be in the position that we are today without the help of the IDesign team. I would not hesitate to use their services going forward and would highly recommend their services for anyone building distributed, highly responsive .NET applications.

Gary Pollreis
Chief Architect
The Actuarials Exchange
Chicago Illinois

In just two days, Juval explained about and helped me set up a fully scalable, completely secure architecture for our application. Juval introduced concepts that I would have never been able to learn about by reading your basic textbooks, and he provided me with knowledge that I would have had to study for months to figure out. Thanks to his consultation, I now have a solid architecture model that I can use to complete my development in record time. His help was invaluable, and I highly recommend him to any other developer, or development team that does not have the expertise to develop such a slick application.

Matt Schwartz
Software Engineer
Vital Link Business Systems
San Francisco, California

At Kinitos we required validation of our architecture and audit of our security mechanisms. IDesign provided us with world-class expertise in both architecture and security. IDesign were not only great consultants, but also great mentors as well. IDesign helped us design world-class security architecture in a matter of days and left us with the expertise to continue on our own afterwards.

Steven Woods
Palo Alto, California

At n&k Technology we faced a tough challenge of training a new crew of recent CS graduates for sustaining engineering of a large code base, while at the same time setting up an infrastructure to support CMM key process areas for level 2 and 3. Juval Lowy of IDesign proved to be worth his weight in gold when he provided consulting and mentoring precisely targeted at our needs. In addition to maintenance of our existing product line, our software team must create a new generation of software to allow us to respond quickly to market demands by creating many variations and configurations of our products. As we go forward with the next generation design, it is good to know that we can rely on IDesign for world-class expertise as a consultant to help us formulate our architecture and design.

D. Christopher Pinkard
Manager, Software Engineering
n&k Technology
Santa Clara, California

Our division had an important and aggressive deadline, and to meet it, we needed to architect, design, build and test a new architecture that would interact with our complex legacy framework. The design was required to compensate for the technology gap, encapsulate the legacy side, and provide the new common interfaces. Juval took care of all requirements and did it at 75% of the allocated hours in the purchase order and beat the assigned schedule. He gave sound advice on services related to the project and spent a holiday weekend assisting the project. Juval came up with creative ideas, such as ways of converting legacy events to loosely coupled events, and then implemented them. Juval also assisted other engineers in the division with their technology and architecture-related issues, and provided feedback on our overall architecture.

Marcus Pelletier
Staff Software Engineer
San Jose, California

I just want to take a moment to say thank you. We are in the process of converting our application to services using the IDesign Methodologies. While it hasn't gone perfectly, it has been very successful. We've almost completed our third release using your architecture. We're definitely starting to see many of the benefits you described. This is a US Air Force Application in use across most of the Air Force. In addition to the many internal benefits we feel very prepared for the future. Our customers are very happy with our progress. Thank you for all of the information, mentoring, articles and presentations. We could not have done it without you.

Greg Sharp

We engaged IDesign for architecture consulting contract and Virtual Architect support to help me build our Architecture process. After a weeklong engagement to create our Architecture, Monty and I started putting together a repeatable process starting at the framework. If you can convince management to bring IDesign on, please do so! It will leap you forward years ahead of where you would be without them. Currently we are implementing the architecture proposed by IDesign and building our Architecture process with a single team. We are close to releasing the process and framework to other teams so we can normalize the Developer Experience at Mindbody. We were on schedule and on budget due to the combination of solid architecture and project design. In the end, I went from an unscalable and stressed out Architect to a happy and scalable Architect.

John Phillips
Senior Software Architect

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