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IDesign Industry Leadership

The IDesign architects take an active role in leading the software development industry. In fact, it is a prerequisite to join our team.

The IDesign architects are distinguished authors who have published technology textbooks and bestsellers on topics ranging from technologies to architecture, user experience, and project design, with the top-tier publishing houses. These books are read by hundreds of thousands of architects, project leads and developers all over the world, and are hailed by readers as the authoritative information on those subjects.

The IDesign architects have published numerous articles in magazines such as MSDN Magazine and are often asked by Microsoft to write the definitive MSDN whitepaper on forthcoming technologies.

The IDesign architects are all frequent speakers at major international software development conferences, where they present their techniques, ideas, tools and breakthroughs. In addition, our architects chair tracks at some of the largest development conferences.

The IDesign architects all participate at the various internal strategic design reviews at Microsoft for future versions of .NET, and related technologies such as WCF and the Cloud.

The IDesign architects take an active role in organizing and supporting the developer’s community at large, founding, organizing and addressing user groups all over the world.

IDesign thought leadership is well established: from recognizing the benefits of microservices long before the industry (and provide support for decomposition into microservices in the IDesign Method), to outlining the IoT (so early we in fact did not even call it that) years ago to envisioning the future of development platforms such as the service fabric, how to best prepare for it and providing forward support for it in present technology in ServiceModelEx.

Microsoft recognized IDesign’s contribution and impact on the industry by awarding our architects positions and titles such as Microsoft Regional Directors, MVPs, and software legends.

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